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Cant open Rules page on forums

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Ecobreaker, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Ecobreaker

    Ecobreaker Nether Explorer

    Oct 11, 2013
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    When i click on "RULES" on the forums i see this

    btw is this a valid excuse to break the rules? time to make an enderdragon duplicator!

    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 8, 2018, Original Post Date: Sep 20, 2018 ---
    answer please?
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  2. WendyFTW

    WendyFTW Nether Explorer

    Oct 4, 2012
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    I can open it so maybe its one-off that you cant open the rules page and get the error page, do you still get the error page? In that case ->

    I’ll copy it for you :grinning:

    Dear DRC'ers,

    as everyone knows we have certain rules to ensure calm, fun and safety on the network!
    The head rules applied across all servers of DRCNetwork.

    Stick to the rules or you will risk to be banned on the network!

    • Rule [R1]: Hacks against DRCNetwork, hackclients and other similar hacks are not allowed!
    • Rule [R2]: Only english on 'local' and 'global' chat (Not english? use 'language' chat). Also spamming, caps, harassment and swear words are not allowed!
    • Rule [R3]: Multi-accounts are not allowed.
    • Rule [R4]: Respect everybody!
    • Rule [R5]: Advertising is not allowed! This includes harmful links, files itc.
    • Rule [R6]: Do not ask for stuff, commands, donation related items or DRC-Credits/Gold.
    • Rule [R7]: Do not help others with your rank permissions.
    • Rule [R8]: Don't post someone's personal information without his permissions.
    • Rule [R9]: AFK machines or other similar methodes are forbidden. (this is because you remove the element of playing the game (example AFK fishing).
    • Rule [R10]: It is forbidden to sell DRC-Credits/Gold, ranks & ingame items for real money.
    • TOS: We have this to guarantee the protection of our users and the 4Creation services from the dangers on the internet. View it right here: terms_of_service

    The rules have a code name example: [R1] [R22] ...
    It's become easier way for the staffteam to designate which rule you have broken by giving the code name of the rule, which gives to you a duty to go to the website and read the rules again!

    Other Rules: There are also rules that apply only to a specific server. find the list of server rules right here: server_rules
    Important: If you don't find the specific server on the list, means that there are no different rules (except the head rules).

    Note: The rules are for everyone, there is no discussion possible!

    Dear DRC'ers,

    We have certain rules for the "survival" server on DRCNetwork.

    Stick to the rules or you will risk to be banned on the network!

    • Rule [R1.1]: Keep the Survival world beautiful.
    Don't make 1x1 towers, dirt homes or non-sky themed skyhomes. This also means that you are not allowed to destroy other people’s work.You are also not allowed to grieve or claim buildings that have not been claimed. This also includes digging out a desert or a mesa.
    • Rule [R1.2]: Do not steal/scam from other players.
    you are not allowed to steal stuff or money from other players. This also includes scamming. (Use a chest-shop to trade safely)
    • Rule [R1.3]: Do not make death-traps.
    Killing people in survival by any means is forbidden. Do not TPA/TP people to places that are dangerous with the purpose to harvest their stuff.
    • Rule [R1.4]: Make sure a region post is freely accessible.
    This also does contain the fact that you can’t build a shop within a radius of 75 blocks of a region post. It is not allowed to build walls around a region post or to claim the region post. This also counts for the region below the post.
    • Rule [R1.5]: Changed mob spawners are for personal use.
    They may only be changed into: Skeleton, Spider or Zombie, and only in the standard world (not in nether etc.). This is only for the rank DRC-VIP or higher.
    • Rule [R1.6]: Drop-parties and giveaways higher than a reasonable amount are not allowed.
    A reasonable amount are small things. Not 5 beacons and 200.000 DRC-Credits for example.
    • Rule [R1.7]: 15 animals for each species.
    This means no more than 15 sheep, 15 pigs, 15 cows, 15 villagers etc. for each person! You can't have multiple claims with 15 animals on it. If you play with a friend with animals, make sure the claims are not in a 30 block radius from each other.
    • Rule [R1.8]: Don't avoid pvp in any form.
    This means you can't avoid any pvp zone in any form. This by abusing commands. This does not include flying over using the elytra.

    Important: The head rules applied across all servers, you find the head rules right here: Head_Rules

    Note: The rules are for everyone, there is no discussion possible!
  3. samyratchet


    Nov 11, 2012
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    New year, new chances got the link fixed xD

    Happy New Year :joy:

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