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0.3.7: DRCNetwork has been freezed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by samyratchet, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. samyratchet


    Nov 11, 2012
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    Dear DRC'ers,

    Because of my college, i need to take a step back from DRC otherwise i will not suceed. It was a hard time to give myself distance from a wonderfull server but i need to do this:sob:.
    Want to keep the server going with the comeback period, new features and gamemodes that where planned and even releasing the video trailer that is ready for a while. But that would be someone else as owner. Because of the lack of possible candidats that would fit as owner with a profile that is a trusted person and would run DRC with the planned goal and someone that would listen to your feedbacks i have got someone @dragarcher2 .

    Because i got already complains before making dragarcher2 official owner, i would FIRST listen to your feedbacks why it is a bad decision, who is a perfect match as owner, what is your idea?

    For Now DRCNetwork and ongoing works would be freezed (server is still open) untill we got this cleared with your feedbacks as community :kissing_heart:
  2. drdoct

    drdoct Ex-Staff

    Dec 4, 2014
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    Perfect choice. Hopefully junior developer dragarcher can get things tidied up and ripping again. Good luck on your studies. Perhaps Scorpiddd could step up and help guide dragarcher during this time.
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  3. dragarcher2

    dragarcher2 Maintainer
    Staff Member Maintainer

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Dear @drdoct,
    Thank you so much for your confidence!

    Dear members,

    I know that some people have a negative image of me, but you can trust me.

    I will put as much time as possible in DRC in order to give all of you a wonderful time on the server!

    All announced projects will also be continued.
    I'll also keep the system as it is now, so you're going to find no 'Huge' changes of me as owner.
    I hope you will accept me as well as owner.

    Dear @samyratchet
    I would also like to thank you, I can't thank you enough for the years that I have worked together with you.
    In all these years you have learned me so much that no one can imagine! And I still learn a lot from you.

    I will tell this in as few words, they were/are beautiful times, thank you very much!

    Note: If anyone has any questions can always contact me

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