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0.3.5: Adding features and maintenance in steps

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by samyratchet, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. samyratchet


    Nov 11, 2012
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    Dear DRC'ers,

    Like you already know the come back has been started :scream:

    Me and @dragarcher2 would do the backend of the servers and the website but this is a huge task and to minimalize the downtime we are going to split this task in parts.

    This would be de order of the servers we are going to do our job:

    1. Faction/Bending
    2. Faction/Magic
    3. Survival
    4. Vanilla
    5. SkyBlock
    6. Creative
    7. Prison
    8. KitPvP
    The downtime of those servers would be announced ingame to prevent spamming threads.

    • MiniGames would be the last thing we are doing because we have not the playerbase for it.
    • Website would be between those tasks depends on what dragarcher2 can handle without me :bomb:

    Details about the huge task for the people that wants to know what we are doing:
    All the servers would get new features and a checkup but what are those?

    Here a list about those features and changes:
    1. Friend/Party system and this would be GUI based (What is more fun? Playing with friend!)
    2. Cosmetics system and also GUI based (Be unique your way into DRC)
    3. PlayTime system and guess what? Yes GUI based :joy: (Be rewarded by playing more on your favorite server)
    4. Vote System is a Vote Ticket system, and yes GUI based (Claim your rewards by voting and not only that use the lottery for loyal voters and the last for TOP 3 Voters they can claim there tokens and spend those into ranks and features where you need the premium currency)
    5. AFK kick system would be different. Currently afk get disconnected (The aim would be for afk players they get kicked to the lobby, so they won't get rewards by the new playtime but they can continue playing when they are back) (and even would help increase the playerbase)
    6. Lobby login system ignore premium players and for cracked players GUI based login (we have been aware for a while that DRC is visited daily by many new players but a lot of them don't know how to use the login system, and to prevent that they leave because of that we would implement a GUI based login for cracked players to make it easier to use the login system and for players that bought minecraft they don't need to login or register so they can just start playing when joining DRC)
    7. DRC-Tokens is the premium currency (buy ranks and ingame features that required those tokens, you can only obtain them by buying them into the shop with real money or by getting them by rewards for top voters)
    8. Creative and SkyBlock gets a remake (We got a lot of reports of buggs and the easiest way to fix those is to remake those servers)
    9. Prison would be back. (We have been started to bring back this server, and hope you would like it)
    10. DRC menu remake (We have been switched to another plugin that is easier for the feature to add buttons into /DRC, Everything you need with just one command)
    11. DRC Teleporter accessible on all servers. (Gives the ability to switch between servers without going to the lobby, get the teleporter using the one command /DRC or /teleporter)
    12. MSG system would be global. (Is your friend playing in another server? Just use /msg him across servers)
    And allot of other things but the list would be to big :emoji_clipboard:

    Also we have some projects but these would need some time, discussions and money :emoji_credit_card: to realize.

    • ClayClash (Yes the one that never has been released)
    • SkyPirates (new exclusive gamemode for DRC)
    • Project X (Safe the Java-Minecraft Community)

    More info about those projects later :emoji_key:

    Questions related to features and changes can be asked into this thread
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