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0.3.4 Staff Changes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ClockWound, Jan 31, 2019.

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    Jan 20, 2014
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    Hello DRC players!

    Recently, there have been quite a few changes regarding the staff team.
    Alot has been changed, and all those changes are gonna be listed in this post.


    Promotions and Demotions

    We are happy to announce that Dragarcher2 will be our one and only Junior Dev. (Junior Developer).
    Dragarcher2 is currently trained by @samyratchet (Owner of DRC) in developing for the DRC server. This way, @samyratchet doesn't have to develop all on his own. Double the developing power!

    We are sad to inform you that SARIIIIIII has been kicked out of the staff team. His rank was Support, and he wanted to go for Moderator. Sadly, we have chosen to not promote him to Moderator, and since he can't stay Support forever, we decided to remove him from the staff team. I will not discuss the reasons why he did not get the Moderator rank, because of privacy reasons.

    I myself have been promoted from Moderator to Admin. So right now @WendyFTW and I myself are the Admins of DRCnetwork. Personally, I am really thankfull for all the people who have put their faith into my hands and have chosen to promote me. I will not let you guys down. Please keep in mind that although I am Admin, I'm not that good with commands (yet). But don't worry, I will hopefully get better in this skill over time.

    We are sad to tell you that GoldenPegazus will not be promoted from Support to Moderator (and so he will leave the staff team). GoldenPegazus is really busy with school at the moment, and hasn't found alot of time to play on DRC. Ofcourse we respect this, but together with GoldenPegazus we have come to the conclusion that he will leave the staff team for now to fully concentrate on school. He may come back later.

    WemesteryBR has been promoted from Support to Moderator for a while now. The reason I'm bringing this up now, is because it hasn't "officially" been announced on the forum yet. Suprise suprise! Keep it up WemesteryBR!


    Current Staff Team

    The current staff team of DRC after all these changes looks like this:

    - @scorpiddd

    - @samyratchet

    - @WendyFTW
    - @ClockWound

    - @WemesteryBR



    Junior Developer(s)


    Extra roles:

    Forum Guard (Main focus is to maintain this Forum)

    - @ClockWound

    Social Guard (Main focus is playing on DRC)
    - @WendyFTW

    Discord Guard (Main focus is to maintain the Discord server)


    The list can also be found here, made by @Daphnechan :


    As you can see in the list above, there are still alot of ranks that nobody currently posesses. But this is where you come into play. Right now the applications for both Support and Builder are open. Do you think you have the skill and knowledge to fill in one of these rolls? Send us an application and we will let you know if you can be the next Support or Builder!

    How to send in an application?
    1. Read and copy this template designed by @drdoct :

    2. Create an Conversation (https://drcnetwork.com/english/conversations/add).
    Add @ClockWound , @WendyFTW and @samyratchet as participants into the conversation.
    Paste the template and fill it in.

    3. Once you finished up, click "Create Thread". You will hear back from us soon. Thanks for applying.


    Thats all folks! Now your up to date on the current staff team. Thanks for reading this announcement, you rock!

    ~The Staff Team
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