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Dear DRC'ers,

Moderator update: This is a bit late but the server is offline and it will not come back. Any questions can be asked here.

Servers are back online (survival, skyblock and creative).

DRCNetwork is put into slow-mode and this means that it gets more servers and updates depends on how much free time left i have left beside my study and that i want to put those into DRC.
Dear DRC'ers,

Here the comeback trailer, hope you like it :yum

Made with love :heart:
Dear DRC'ers,

Because of my college, i need to take a step back from DRC otherwise i will not suceed. It was a hard time to give myself distance from a wonderfull server but i need to do this:sob:.
Want to keep the server going with the comeback period, new features and gamemodes that where planned and even releasing the video trailer that is ready for a while. But that would be someone else as owner. Because of the lack of possible candidats that would fit as owner with a profile that is a trusted person and would run DRC with the planned goal and someone that would listen to your feedbacks i have got someone @dragarcher2 .

Because i got already complains before making dragarcher2 official owner, i would FIRST listen to your feedbacks why it is a bad decision, who is a perfect match as owner, what is your idea?

For Now DRCNetwork and ongoing works would be freezed (server is still open) untill we got this cleared with your feedbacks as community :kissing_heart: